The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Invites Proposals for Research Groups in the 2017/2018 Academic Year

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The deadline for submissions is September 10, 2017

A small number of new research groups will start operating at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in the coming academic year. These groups aim to bring together researchers from a variety of institutions and from diverse disciplines so as to enhance research in thehumanities, social sciences, and the arts. The groups will focus on one of three themes that the Institute deals with (see below). The research groups will begin their work in November 2017 or March 2018 and will meet at the Institute at least once a month in the course of the academic year. The Institute will provide a place to meet, organized transportation from the center of the country, administrative support, and an honorarium for the group leaders. In exceptional cases, the Institute will consider additional assistance, for example, to .invite guest participants from abroad, to organize a conference, or to produce a publication. The group’s discussions will be conducted in Hebrew and, if justified, in a different language


About the themes

Borders and Sovereignty

Science, Technology, and Civilization 

Sacredness, Religion, and Secularization 


Each proposal for a research group will be up to five pages in length and must include the following components


  •    The research topic 
  •  The theme at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute that is relevant to the topic 

(more than one theme may be listed) 

  •    The name (or names) of the group leader(s) and a brief CV for each 
  •     A detailed description of the research topic, including its contribution to the field 
  • The work method (including the frequency of meetings and additional activity, if relevant) 
  •   A special request for funding of additional activity (if relevant)
  •     Potential participants (it is not necessary to obtain their approval in advance)
  •    Potential deliverables (not obligatory)



The deadline for submissions is September 10, 2017


Please submit proposals by e-mail: