Legislative Theatre Group Holot

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Wednesday ,12 July, 2017 , 18:00 to 20:00

The performance will take place as part of the international workshop titled:

Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence

The performance of the Legislative Theatre Group Holot is based on testimonies and personal stories and is conducted in four languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, and Tigrinya. The theater group has employed various techniques of Argentinean director and philosopher Augusto Boal’s "Theater of the Oppressed" to help the asylum seekers work through personal and social issues related to their lives. The performance, characterized by critical thought, raises legislative and legal issues and proposes a new reading of the 1951 Refugee Convention. It also examines the relationship between the Israeli establishment and the convention with the aim of sparking a public and legal discussion that will lead to a legislative and ethical change regarding asylum seekers in Israel.

The performance will be followed by an interactive theatrical discussion, in the course of which members of the audience will be invited to play the roles of various figures and by so doing to explore their situation.

The performance is a joint project of the directors Chen Alon and Avi Mograbi.