Urshalim: Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem 1967–2017

Urshalim   |   Israelis   |   Palestinians   |   Jerusalem
Tuesday ,18 July, 2017 , 19:00 to 21:30

A literary evening on the occasion of the publication of Nir Hasson’s book

Fifty years after the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, the city is totally different from what it was prior to that. Nir Hasson’s Urshalim tells the story of the city since 1967, in the years in which decisions were made and actions were carried out that changed it into what it has become: a complicated, poor, and violent city that is in conflict with itself and its environment—and at the same time is vital, varied, and enabling of shared existence. This is not the story of the heavenly Jerusalem of the cliché peddlers, but rather of the earthly Jerusalem, rooted in reality.

Through documents, interviews, meticulous investigation of events in the field, and a review of plans for the future, Hasson portrays the lives of the Israelis and the Palestinians in the city and the impossible combination of desire and harsh reality. Hasson examines the processes and events that shaped today’s Jerusalem and outlines possible scenarios for the future of the city and its inhabitants. (Aliyat ha-Gag / Yediot Ahronoth / Hemed)