Prof. Josef Stern

Josef Stern
Fields of Practice: 

Josef Stern teaches in Chicago and resides in Jerusalem, and works in two main areas: Contemporary Philosophy of Language; and Medieval Philosophy, especially Jewish and Arabic Philosophy. His interests in the philosophy of language focus on the theory of reference, the role of context in semantic interpretation, the distinction between literal and non-literal meaning, and between linguistic and non-linguistic modes of representation and communication. He is also working on the history of Quine's Indeterminacy Thesis and foundational issues in theoretical linguistics. He has no interest in counterpart theory, but he is deeply involved in Frege's identity puzzle. In his second area of work, Stern is completing a number of projects that focus on epistemological and metaphysical issues in the philosophy of the twelfth-century Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides and his relation both to the Arabic philosophical tradition and to later Jewish thinkers. In addition, he is interested in Hume's Dialogues concerning Natural Religion, the philosophy of art, skepticism, and the history of the philosophical interpretation of Scripture.