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New Agents and Agencies:
Science, Technology, and Subjectivity
Summer School July 8-12 2018

Deadline for submission 15.2.2018

With the rise of new technology-centered environments - such as social media, virtual worlds, online marketing, gaming, smart homes, and city surveillance - we face the growing presence of nonhuman agents and new forms of human agencies. We invite doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers to participate in a summer school workshop that delves into these topics. The Van Leer Jerusalem Summer School will provide the setting for advancing our understanding of these new agents and agencies and their ethical, social, political, historical, and philosophical significance. Specifically, we will explore the interaction between (a) nonhuman “agents,” such as robots, AI machines, games, computational algorithms, autonomous cars, and drones, and (b) new forms of technologically mediated human agencies, such as online interactions, new social media, gaming, cyborgs, and avatars. The summer school will be devoted to examining specific forms of new agents and agencies and to studying their differences and similarities. It will address the underlying question as to whether these new phenomena, taken together, entail a transformation of the human condition, and if so, what the social, political, and ethical implications of this change are. During the summer school, participants will attend master class sessions, discuss the theoretical approaches of different disciplines, study applied problems and present their own work.

The five-day summer school is open to postdoctoral and advanced PhD students of all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences such as philosophy, history, psychology, law, sociology, political theory, anthropology, and including new media, computer science biology, and the medical humanities. For more information please visit the workshop’s webpage here

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute will provide overseas students a $500 grant as partial reimbursement of their travel expenses and accommodation costs in Jerusalem.Local participants will receive reimbursement for transportation to and from Jerusalem.

Applications should include:

  • CV
  • Short description of your doctoral proposal or postdoc project (up to one page)
  • Abstract of your proposed original paper to be discussed (please include references for works cited)

The deadline for the submission of all application materials is February 15 2018

Application materials should be submitted by mail to

Please note that we will be expecting participants to send papers for pre-circulation by June 1 2018

Participating Scholars:

Prof. David Heyd, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Prof. Guy Hoffman, Cornell University, USA

Prof. Hagi Kenaan, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Prof. Noortje Marres, Warwick University, UK

Prof. Helen Nissenbaum, New York University, USA

Prof. Jennifer Robertson, University of Michigan, USA