White Flag, Black Square – Short Films on Utopia

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Thursday ,22 February, 2018 , 19:00 to 21:00

As part of the Art of Utopia poster exhibition
at the Polonsky Academy, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

The Right
Assaf Gruber DE (English subtitles) 2015,12'
A guard at the Dresden art museum asks to transfer to the Lodz Museum of Modern Art in order to be closer to the avant-garde works of the Polish a.r. group of the 1930s.
Transmission from the Liberated Zones
Filipa César DE/SE/PT/FR (English subtitles) 2015, 30’
Through interviews with diplomats, politicians, and filmmakers, the film follows the zones that PAIGC—the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde—liberated from Portuguese colonial rule, from liberation in the 1960s until independence was
achieved in 1973.
Symbolic Threats
Mischa Leinkauf, Lutz Henke, Matthias Wermke DE (English subtitles) 2015, 15'
On July 22, 2014, two white-painted American flags were hoisted on the Brooklyn Bridge. What are the contemporary social spaces within which art can function? Can art still be dangerous, and if so, to whom?
Disobedient Children
Dorine van Meel DE (English subtitles) 2016, 17'
The fragmented stories and the multiple implications in the film create an abstract landscape that assumes that a new social conceptual world is needed. How do I create identities differently? How can we break accepted ideologies and
conventions in a society that is becoming more and more neo-liberal? The film's visual language - 3D grids, the use of digital failures – represents an unknown future: something that is not visible but whose outlines can already be identified.
Introduction by: Dr. Wolf Iro, Head of Goethe Institut Israel
18:30 Guided Tour
Before the event, we will offer a guided tour of the exhibition with Dr. Wolf Iro and Dr. Adam Klin־Oron