About The Arab Society Year Book

Arab Society in Israel: Population, Society, Economy is a statistical project of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute aimed at documenting the characteristics of Arab society in Israel and the changes taking place within it. The data files that this project comprises have been published by the Institute in yearbooks since 2005. The files also appear on the Institute’s website and are organized in five fixed areas (demography, work, standard of living, education and higher education, and local government), as well as by year and in additional areas. The database on the website also contains summary tables that offer a developmental, longitudinal perspective in each area. Arab Society in Israel: Population, Society, Economy is a research tool of the highest order and is meant for scholars of Arab society in Israel, policy makers, individuals in the media, students, and anyone interested in deeper knowledge of Arab society in Israel. Our hope is that this database will help disseminate the data that have been collected as part of the project and will promote both scholarly and general discussion of the Arab population in Israel.

Ramsees Gharrah collected the data and prepared the tables with the help of a statistical team.