On the Ability of Hasidic Leaders to Lead their Communities Even Without their Presence: Gal Gabbay Interviews Prof. Yoram Bilu and Dr. Gadi Sagiv in Osim Seder Hadash ("Creating a New Order") on Channel 23, 17/7/2017 (Hebrew)

Prof. Bilu: One of the major transformations in the study of religions in recent years is the understanding that you cannot reach the noble, the sublime and the transcendent without mediation.

The interview takes place in the aftermath of a conference at the Van Leer Institute on the case of messianic Chabad.



The interview can be heard from minutes 1:19 to 9:56.


To hear the interview (in Hebrew): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBsNwKz-eYQ&feature=youtu.be