About Public Events


Director: Shulamit Laron

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute undertakes activity for the general public in order to stimulate and encourage interdisciplinary, intercultural, and pluralistic discussion of current issues in Israeli society and the Jewish world and also of key issues concerning modern society and culture in general. The annual program is broad and varied, touching on the themes of the Institute’s activity—Globalization and Sovereignty, Sacredness, Religion and Secularization, and Science, Technology and Civilization. The broad spectrum of public activity includes conferences, local and international workshops, symposia, lectures, and discussion groups. The participants include academics in the humanities and the social and natural sciences, politicians and public figures, intellectuals, writers, and journalists. The events are open to the public free of charge and are aimed at a variety of population groups in Israel.

The activities take place in four halls and six seminar rooms, in the Institute’s two buildings.

The Institute also rents out halls and seminar rooms for events such as conferences and discussions on topics that are within the general areas of the Institute’s activity.