The Gender Index: An Innovative Tool for promoting Gender Equality

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The Gender Index is an innovative tool that serves to evaluate women’s status in Israel across a spectrum of fields over time, and raises issues of gender awareness and women's representation to the public agenda. Furthermore, as a monitor of the status of women in Israel it is a powerful tool for observing and assessing state policies and efforts to increase gender equality. 

The creation and implementation of the Gender Index is a breakthrough in conventional research methods currently being employed to analyze gender inequalities. The Index is the first of its kind in Israel, and will potentially serve as a model for other countries to evaluate the status of women.

The 2017 Gender Index measures gender inequality in twelve different areas (domains): education, the labor market, gendered segregation of professions, power - political and economic, media and culture, family status, time, violence against women, health, as well as gender inequality in the periphery and gender inequality in Arab society in Israel. For each area a number of indicators (73 in total) were chosen for measuring inequality, and those are measured and compared over time.

The Gender Index video presents the goals and achievements of the project.

All updated data appear on the Gender Index website.

The 2017 Gender Index was officially launched at the Knesset Committee on The Status of Women and Gender Equality on December 4, 2017. The Chair – MK Aida Toma-Suliman – and participating MKs addressed the central findings of the Gender Index and a future follow-up discussion with the Committee Chair and staff is planned.

The Index was developed by WIPS and created by Dr. Hagar Tzameret-Kertcher. In addition to WIPS's co-directors Prof. Hanna Herzog and Prof. Naomi Chazan, the academic committee of the project includes Prof. Michal Shamir, Prof. Orit Kedar and Prof. Moshe Justman

The project is supported by the following foundations: The Dafna Fund, The Jewish Women's Foundation of Greater Palm Beaches, the Women's Amutot Initiative of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Jewish Women's Fund of Atlanta and Tikkun Olam – Women's Foundation of Greater Washington.

The Knowledge Center for Women and Gender in Israel:·In December 2016 WIPS received a major grant from the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology to construct the first-of-its-kind Knowledge Center for Women and Gender in Israel based on the Gender Index database thereby confirming the success of the Gender Index.