How should we remember the Holocaust during our Days? / Margarita Pournara, Kathimerini, 23.5.2015

With the unfortunate incident of Kavala in the background, the Israeli writer, Michal Govrin, speaks to the prominent Greek daily “Kathimerini” about the memory of the Holocaust.

On the day the Mayor of Kavala was taking the unheard of decision to postpone the unveiling of the memorial for the 1,484 people of Kavala of the Jewish faith who were deported to concentration camps because the Star of David was inscribed on it, Margarita Pournara had already arranged the interview with the Israeli writer, Michal Govrin, who came to Athens just for one day.

The writer believes that the guilt created by the memory of the camps may even lead to anti-Semitism, denial or rejection. “For me all these forms are once again a way to remember, a role reversal in the process of memory crushed by the burden, the inability to manage it, the alienation. Therefore, we cannot escape the question: How should we remember? It is unavoidable.”


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