Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

Board_Julia Neuberger.jpg


I am delighted to be the new chair of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, an organization I have always admired hugely. With its new direction and its huge intellectual fire power, I very much hope the ideas that emanate from it will find their way deep into Israeli society. It is a new thematic approach that looks at issues through academic research and analysis, and then at applied ideas to knotty problems. We hope that it will produce great work and great impetus for other people, beyond the Institute, to get involved.

We are planning new ways of involving new people, from young scholars to people who were beyond our reach in the past. We hope that readers of this website will join us in these new endeavors and will be as excited by the new thinking as the Board and staff have already become. The staff has been working immensely hard to frame these new themes, and we would all appreciate feedback from our supporters as to how they believe this new direction is working.


Julia Neuberger