A new study by Prof. Michel Strawczynski finds: Parents of children up to nine years of age comprise the main group adversely affected by the rise in the cost of living. Globes, 15.12.2013

Prof. Michel Strawczynski is interviewed following his presentation, with Dr. Adi Brender of the Bank of Israel, of the findings of a new study at a Sappir Forum conference. The study found that the housing crisis in Israel has affected mainly the group of households in which there are children up to age nine. The percentage of these households that has forgone buying an apartment and that has not moved from renting to owning an apartment has risen sharply in recent years.

Therefore, the study concluded that the government policy formulated by the Trachtenberg Committee—focusing on aid to working parents with young children—was justified and should be extended.

In their study, Strawczynski and Brender also presented a cost of living index specific to these households that showed that the price rise affecting this population in 2012 was 2 percent higher than the rise affecting the total population.

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