Presenting Arab Literature in a Positive Manner: An Interview with Dr. Yoni Mendel / "Marhabet" with Eran Zinger, Reshet Bet 14/2/2017 (Hebrew)

Dr. Yoni Mendel, a scholar of the Arabic language and translator of Salman Natour's book "Walking on Winds": The event tomorrow at the Van Leer Institute marks three things: The launching of the Maktoob book series, dedicated to translations from Arabic; it's exactly one year since Salman Natour's sudden death; and the publication of the first book in the series, "Walking on Winds" – which is actually a homage to Natour's oeuvre and consists of three of his stories, which together create a travel diary of a Palestinian citizen in Israel.


The interview can be heard from minutes 43:13 to 51:17.


To hear the interview (in Hebrew):