Promoting Gender Equality in Organizations

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The premise underlying this initiative is that organizations and social institutions are central arenas and settings in which gender hierarchies, inequalities and disadvantages are created and reproduced. As such, they shape the experiences, opportunities and identities of both women and men. The centrality of organizations in our lives has led to the development of a rich body of knowledge focused on the gendered obstacles within the power structures of organizations; however, translating these insights into substantive change towards greater gender equality was met with great difficulty. The primary difficulty lies in transforming the power relations within organizations that generate exclusionary gendered practices. 
In this initiative, we offer a theoretical approach and practical tools for promoting gender equality in organizations. In a specially designed workshop we trace how gender operates in organizations, formulate an active stance for promoting change (social agency), and acquire tools and practices to that end. Women who participate in this workshop develop a model for the desired change in an organization of their choice, focusing on the exclusionary practices that they are interested in changing. The workshop also attempts to develop a network of women who wish to become "agents of change". The network serves as a resource for women by providing knowledge, strategies for action, network, comparative information, and so on. This initiative is made possible by the generous and continuous support of the The Heinrich Boell Foundation.