Restrictions on Data Use and Privacy Policy

1. In this document, the term "Personal Information" shall mean: Information that can lead to the identification of a natural person to whom such information pertains.


2. The Van-Leer Jerusalem Institute ("VLJI") takes privacy issues relating to Personal Information very seriously and applies reasonable and acceptable technological means to ensure that Personal Information posted onto its websites is properly secure against inappropriate use by unauthorized persons or entities. VLJI constantly endeavors to keep up to date with current regulation regarding the safekeeping of Personal Information. However, users of web based platforms should take into account that no protection is completely failsafe, and therefore be aware that Personal Information posted on to the site may be exposed.

3. Collection of Personal Information

a. VLJI does not use automatic information collection or tracking technologies of any kind (such as "cookies"), and only collects Personal Information which is uploaded directly and voluntarily by the users of its websites.

b. Users engaging in various online activities through any of VLJI's websites may be requested to provide the following personal Information:

i. Name and formal identification information (such as: I.D or passport number – users may be requested to upload a scanned copy of an official identification document);

ii. Contact Information (such as: email address, phone number, home address);

iii. Billing Information (which may be requested directly or through a clearing agency, such as: bank account number, credit card information);

4. Policies Regarding the Use of Collected Personal Information

Subject to the user's consent, VLJI will use the collected personal information only for the following purposes:

a. Sending updates regarding VLJI's activities through a periodical newsletter, which may also include a referral to the contact information (not via the internet) of the person in charge of organizing conferences on the VLJI premises (for a fee).

b. Sending updates regarding new publications. Each update may include a link to a web page which is designated for the online sales of such publications.

c. Sending public appeals to: take part in research or debate groups; participate in conventions and workshops; publish articles, essays and lectures; filing proposals for new projects; applying for scholarships; submitting high school final papers to the "Van Leer Award Competition" etc.

d. Offering opportunities to make donations to VLJI.

e. Running noncommercial campaigns related to VLJI's activities on social media.

5. Application of Non-Personal Statistical Tools Provided by Third Parties

VLJI may use, from time to time, statistical tools provided by third parties (such as "Facebook Pixels" or "Google Analytics") in order to better understand the online behavior of surfers visiting any of VLJI's websites. This statistical information may be used to help promote campaigns launched by VLJI. However – the data does not include, under any circumstances, any information which may lead, directly or indirectly, to the identification of a specific person.

6. User Consent

Users of our various websites should therefore indicate, as an integral part of the registration process to the service of their choice, if they agree to allow the use of their Personal Information for any of the purposes listed above.

7. Retention of Personal Information and The "Right To Be Forgotten"

a. Users who would like their Personal Information to be erased from the database may forward a written request to the following email address:

b. Unless a request is filed under article 7(a) above, VLJI will retain any Personal Information uploaded onto its websites for as long as such information is needed to provide the services listed in articles 4(a)-4(e) above.

c. In any case, VLJI will retain Personal Information if and for as long as it is required to do so under law, or in cases where such information is needed as evidence in existing or prospective legal proceedings.

8. Protection of Stored Personal Information

a. VLJI uses reasonable means of information security, which conform to acceptable standards. These means include:

i. Restriction of access to personal accounts – access will be available only through a personal password and a unique user I.D. selected by the user.

ii. Encryption / Secure Servers – Personal Information is encrypted during its transmission via the web-based platform (by using Transport Layer Security) and stored on secure servers.

b. Users who register to any of VLJI's websites, are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their profile / account credentials and must inform VLJI immediately in case they have reason to suspect that their account had been broken into or their credentials had been leaked or used inappropriately.