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The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute was established thanks to the vision and generosity of the Van Leer family of the Netherlands. The Institute is grateful to the Van Leer Group Foundation for its ongoing support and commitment to the legacy of the Van Leer family. 

The Institute gratefully acknowledges its philanthropic partners without whom the wide range of projects and activities would not be possible. List of supporters 

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (VLJI) is a legally registered nonprofit organization. U.S. tax-deductible gifts may be made to the VLJI through the PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. or the MB Foundation who act as our 501(c)(3) fiscal agent. 

To learn about opportunities to support the work of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, please contact: 

Aviya Yatzkan

Tel: +972 2 560 5250
Fax: +972 2 561 9293


The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
43 Jabotinsky Street, POB 4070
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