Is There a Connection between Music and Politics? Erel Segal Interviews Prof. Ruth HaCohen-Pinczower in Haseder Hehadash ("The New Order") on Channel 23, 1/1/2018 (Hebrew)

Prof. Ruth HaCohen-Pinczower: "One cannot conceive of the Zionist movement, or the youth movements, without the creation of togetherness by means of music. In the human rights movement in the United States too: Bob Dylan and Joanne Baez led their comrades in these sing-alongs, which actually evolved from the songs of the black slaves."


The interview follows the publication of Composing Power, Singing Freedom: Overt and Covert Links between Music and Politics in the West.



The interview can be heard from minutes 22:28 to 28:32.


For the interview (in Hebrew):