The Van Leer Platform: An Electronic Magazine on Palestinian-Israeli Relations in Israel: Volume 1

Manbar Van Leer (Van Leer Platform) is a new newsletter from the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute that will be devoted to relations between Jews and Palestinians in Israel. It will be published three times a year and will serve as a platform (manbar in Arabic and Bamah in Hebrew) for the critical discussion of social and political issues in Israel, focusing on issues related to the Palestinian minority in Israel, Jewish-Arab relations in the state, practices of opposition and integration of Jews and Arabs, and tensions between the populations and within them in various areas of life and in the shadow of the continuing conflict between Israel and the Arab world. Each issue will focus on a main topic and will bring readers in Hebrew and Arabic opinion pieces by leading scholars that will shed light on various angles of the chosen topic. The issue will be published in two languages, Arabic and Hebrew, and will aim to draw attention to the existence of two peoples and two national identities in a single state, with their differences and their commonalities. Each issue will include updates on activities taking place at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute—including research and discussion groups, publications, conferences, and workshops— that deal with issues related to those in the newsletter.