Wage Gaps Are Not Getting Any Smaller: An Interview with Dr. Hagar Tzameret-Kertcher / Liat Regev, Seder Yom, Reshet Bet 1/11/2016 (Hebrew)

Van Leer's Gender Index will be presented tomorrow at the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality.

In the last decade 90% of the singers on the Galgalatz annual Hebrew song parades are men, and only 10% are women. In all prestigious positions there is a very high percentage of men. In areas such as poverty, areas which are more susceptible and vulnerable, women lead.



The talk can be heard from minutes 1:03:21 to 1:18:36.


To hear the talk (in Hebrew): http://www.iba.org.il/program.aspx?scode=2167759