Bedouins in the Negev: Between Protest and Resolution In the Wake of the Begin-Prawer Plan

Bedouin   |   Prawer   |   protest
Wednesday ,5 February, 2014 , 18:30 to 21:00


The Van Leer Platform for Discussion of Current Issues

We will discuss the principles underlying the Begin-Prawer plan and the reasons for the opposition to it, as well as the protests that broke out following the publication the plan and its ramifications. We will also discuss questions related to the protest and its roots: What can this outburst teach us about the state’s relation to the Bedouin population? What can we learn from it about the civil discourse in Israel? And what does it teach us about the internal changes in Bedouin society in Israel? We will also consider what conclusions should be drawn regarding the path and the principles from which a sustainable outline for resolving the issue can arise. Such an outline will be based on understanding and agreement between Bedouin society and the state, with the aim of mitigating tension, promoting a fair and egalitarian society, and preventing another confrontation.