Can Memory Be Transmitted Genetically?

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Wednesday ,15 May, 2019 , 18:00 to 20:00

Talking about Science in the Twenty-First Century

Second series, moderated by Oren Harman

Prof. Oren Harman, Chair of the Graduate Program in Science Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan University, and senior fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Can characteristics acquired in the course of a lifetime be transmitted genetically? Prof. Oded Rechavi will tell us about amazing discoveries in the lab that indicate that living beings’ experiences create biological “memories” that are transmitted to their offspring. This finding contradicts everything scientists studying evolution have believed until now. What are its ramifications for all of us?

The series consists of meetings with scientists, artists, philosophers, and practitioners, working in science or technology and giving thought to their place in culture. In this, the second series of meetings, we will discuss several new topics: language and identity, the limits of science and art, Israel’s energy economy, 3D printing and smart fibers, memory and genetics.