Critical Reflections on Alternative Paths to Modernity

Rivka Feldhay   |   modernity   |   Catholic world   |   religion   |   science
Wednesday ,13 April, 2016 to Thursday ,14 April, 2016

A Conference in Honour of Rivka Feldhay


The conference will take place:
Wednesday 13.4 at Tel Aviv University
Gilman building, 4th floor, hall 496
Thursday 14.4 at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Rivka Feldhay’s scholarly career has been dedicated to developing multi-dimensional readings, which suggest an account of what she regards as an alternative genealogical path to modernity. Her research portrays the rise, at the heart of the Catholic world, of a new synthesis between religious authority and the new science, religious identity and scholarly pursuit, church institutions and state ones. These developments not only opened the possibility for combining religious life and scientific practices, but also generated new relationships between scriptures, hermeneutic practices and educational methods, as well as between identity, sovereignty and forms of representation. Thinking about this new genealogical path calls not only for the reinterpretation of the history of science in the Catholic world, but also for a rethinking of concepts such as secularization and progress, along with the connection between science and modernity and dichotomies between religion and faith, science and culture, church and state, ideology and practice, thus reflecting on the concept of modernity itself.
Sixteen colleagues and former and current students from Israel and abroad will present original views on related issues at the conference.