The Cycle of Employment Program: A Worthy Public Alternative to the Wisconsin Plan?

Thursday ,16 November, 2017 , 16:45 to 20:00


How to bring unemployed individuals and people receiving a guaranteed minimal income back into the labor market has concerned decision makers for years. Besides the professional aspect, this is a public and political issue that touches on sensitive topics such as the employment of ultra-Orthodox men and Arab women and the imposition of state enforcement on job-seekers.

In recent years, the Employment Service has introduced a program called Cycle of Employment, in which it aims to incorporate the main lessons learned from the earlier employment program called the Wisconsin Plan. The program, which began as an experimental project of the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) Israel, has grown. Today it operates some thirty employment bureaus and aims to become a nation-wide program.

The Chazan Center at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute examined how the lessons learned from the privatization of social services have been incorporated into the new program. In the roundtable we will address such questions as, Is the Cycle of Employment Plan the desired model for bringing job-seekers into the labor market? What does the plan offer a job-seeker in terms of professional training and employment prospects? What characterizes the interface between the public and the private, and what is its influence on job-seekers on the one hand and on the long term g­overnability of the state in the long run?