Gaza-Sderot: Physical Borders and the Boundaries of Awareness

Gaza   |   Sderot   |   physical   |   borders   |   awareness
Monday ,14 January, 2019 , 18:00 to 20:30
Event Location: 
Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 43 Jabotinsky St.

2nd Encounter

Discussion led by the journalist and commentator

Anat Saragusti

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and the Department of Communication at the Sapir Academic College invite you to a discussion of the public discourse regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip and the western Negev. Among the topics to be discussed are the shared past of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip and the western Negev, the media coverage in Israel of the situation in the area since Israel’s withdrawal from the Strip in 2005, and the partial information that reaches the public today. Approaches and opinions regarding possible solutions for the dire situation will be presented.

In the course of the discussion, which will take place at the Sapir Academic College and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, we will screen parts of Robby Elmaliah’s documentary film Hula and Natan. The film follows two brothers who live on the margins of society in Sderot at the height of a worsening crisis between Israel and Hamas.