I Own Nothing Save My Dreams: An Anthology of Ezidi Poetry in the Wake of a Genocide, 2014-2016

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Tuesday ,4 July, 2017 , 18:00 to 20:30

Book launch on the occasion of the publication of the third book in the Maktoob series of translated Arabic literature

This anthology of contemporary Ezidi poetry contains poems written in the wake of the catastrophe the community experienced in Iraq: In August 2014, Ezidi men and women were torn from their homes during the massacre and the fierce war that were raging in that area. The anthology is bilingual, in Hebrew and Arabic. For many of the poems, this is their first exposure in both languages. The poems in the anthology were collected and translated from Arabic by Idan Barir, who studies the Ezidi community.

Opening remarks: Idan Barir, the translator of the anthology

Invitation to Annihilation: Poetic Postcards from the Hell in Shingal


Dr. Almog Behar, editor of the anthology

Batsheva Dori-Carlier, poet and editor and translator of poetry

Ellyott, singer, musician, and DJ

Lecture by Marzuq Al-Halabi, journalist and author: In Praise of Those Far from Sight and Close to the Heart

Conclusion (video): Homage from Iraq: Ezidi Poets Read Their Poems