Kierkegaard: Between Authentic Faith and Self-Deception

Kierkegaard   |   faith   |   self-deception   |   philosophy
Tuesday ,20 November, 2018 , 18:00 to 20:30

A literary evening on the occasion of the publication of the book

Edited by Tami Yaguri | Jacob Golomb | Pini Ifrgan

(Magnes 2018)


Is a philosophy of faith possible? Can one distinguish with certainty between faith for its own sake and faith that uses the deity as a tool? Was Kierkegaard, who is considered the father of religious existentialism, an anti-Semitic philosopher? What are the mutual relations between religious faith and human morality? Is a contradiction between them possible? Was Kierkegaard a religious tempter or an educator toward authentic existence? This rich collection of thirteen articles by leading Kierkegaard scholars in Israel and abroad provides answers to these key questions regarding the connection between the individual and the deity.