The State Budget: What Alternative Proposals for the Budget Are There?

Sunday ,26 June, 2016 , 14:45 to 19:30


Seventh Annual Budget Conference of the Economics and Society Program at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute


The event will be broadcast live

In recent years, the Economics and Society Program at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute has brought together researchers and professionals for a public discussion before the next state budget is decided on. At the conference we examine various scenarios that can be derived from alternative budget proposals. Our knowledge base makes possible a broad and deep discussion of the issue. This year we will create scenarios for the 2017–2018 budget, keeping in mind the government's dilemma: the need to honor its commitments in civilian areas—education, health, and the reduction of poverty—and the need to stay within its expenditure and deficit targets, which require a reduction of government spending. We will propose alternatives to the planned budget and we will take into account their implications for the allocation of resources in these areas and the increase in the tax burden. The discussion held by the Economics and Society Program—this is its seventh consecutive year—is at the heart of the public discourse on the state budget and receives broad media coverage. This year the conference will also address the defense budget. We will examine the effect of defense spending on growth in developed countries and we will hold a panel discussion on the need for new thinking about how to distribute resources between the defense and civilian sectors.