What Did Nasser Want? Revolutionary Egypt and Its Legacy

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Tuesday ,23 January, 2018 , 18:00 to 20:00

Egypt: A Journey through Time and Space

Lecture Series

Convened and moderated by Profs. Yoram Meital, Richard I. Cohen, and Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin

This year’s series of lectures sponsored by “Daat Hamakom” and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute deals with modern Egypt. The public is invited to participate in an exciting journey to the Nile. Once again, we bring together seasoned and younger scholars from different universities. Each of them will offer a taste of their scholarship in a wide variety of themes. These include the evolution of modern Egypt and its rich social mosaic; aspects of Egypt’s Jewish community, the discovery of the “Cairo Genizah” and its ramifications, and the Karaite community.

Other lectures will treat cultural developments in Egypt – literature, music, and film. We will be treated to the “The Voice of Egypt – Umm Kulthum and her contribution to the Egyptian national spirit. The series will conclude with a lecture on the present efforts to preserve Cairo’s synagogues, followed by a presentation by an Israeli performer who integrates aspects of Egyptian culture into her work. Join this intellectual journey to Egypt.