What Is Memory? Seventy Years Later - Exhibition

Holocaust   |   memory   |   fiction
Wednesday ,15 April, 2015 to Sunday ,10 May, 2015

The exhibition will be open on Sunday-Thursday, at 9: 00-20:00
and Fridays until 13:00


Guided tours (in Hebrew) open to the public will be held on the following dates:
Thursday, 30.4.2015 at 17:00 – guided by Michal Govrin
Friday, 1.5.2015 at 10:00 – the tour will include an encounter with the artists Eitan Steinberg and Etty BenZaken
Friday, 8.5.2015 at 10:00 – the tour will include an encounter with the artists Eitan Steinberg and Etty BenZaken

Visitors at the exhibition are invited to take part in exploring the open question of how to remember the Holocaust seventy years later. How, today, can memory encompass the rupture that irrevocably changed all the diasporas and all the ethnic groups of the Jewish people? How can we remember it without succumbing to the feeling of victimization? How can we remember it individually, here and now? And how can we respond now and in the future to the demand embodied in the words “the responsibility to remember—to remember responsibly”?
For three years, the group titled Transmitted Memory and Fiction at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute raised the question of remembering the Holocaust after the demise of the generation of eye-witnesses. To understand the multiplicity of forms that memory takes and to analyze its constant changes, the members of this multidisciplinary group considered the ways in which the rupture has been structured in their various disciplines. The group’s work was not limited to the members’ disciplines; it also enabled an individual encounter with the depths of personal memory, beyond suppression  and forgetting. The exhibition and the accompanying events present the many voices of memory, starting with the voices of three survivors who were guests of the group and concluding with the individual voice of each of the visitors.


Exhibition Album

Wednesday 15.4.15:

זיכרון ואחריות

שיח גלריה - אורית ליבנה ומאיר אפלפלד

יצירה, זיכרון ושכחה

טקס פתיחת התערוכה

התכנסויות לקראת ערב יום השואה


Thoursday 16.4.15:

רב שיח וקריאה

שיח גלריה - גרי גולדשטיין ודנה אריאלי

קולנוע וזיכרון

מה השואה מהווה עבורי?