Communication and Democracy in Israel

Communication and Democracy in Israel
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Dan Caspi
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
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Israel’s adoption of the democratic ethos gave its media a central role. A host of competing images try to clarify the role of the mass media in Western democracy. They are often portrayed as the nerves of the government; water channels hewn in rock; strong, supportive pillars that can withstand any shock; pillars of democracy; mediators; or alternatively, arenas for debates or brawls. As strong, supportive pillars of Israeli democracy, the mass media have enabled and continue to enable change and changes of government without significant turmoil.

The ten compositions in this volume focus on three main aspects—institutions, content, and processes—and are the outcome of a conference on communications and democracy in Israel society, at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, in conjunction with the Adenauer Foundation. The book is intended for teachers, students, pupils, and the general public—that is, anyone who is interested in mass media and in Israeli media and politics.