Coloniality and the Postcolonial Condition: Implications for Israeli Society

Coloniality and the Postcolonoal Condition: Implications for Israeli Society
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The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
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Postcolonial theory focuses on the influence of contemporary neocolonialism and of the history of colonialism on the social, economic, cultural, and political structure. It assumes that even after the collapse of the classic colonial countries, the colonial paradigm continues to serve as a central shaping factor in modern consciousness. The anthology Coloniality and the Postcolonial Condition presents theoretical works by leading anticolonial and postcolonial thinkers and clarifies the meaning of those terms in the Israeli context. The first part contains texts by Frantz Fanon (from Black Skin, White Masks), Albert Memmi (from A Portrait of the Colonized and the Colonizer ), Edward Said (from Culture and Imperialism), Homi K. Bhabha (from Out There: Marginalization and Contemporary Cultures), and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (from Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture). The second part contains original papers by the leading writers in Israel on questions of space, ethnicity, nationality, migration, historiography, religion, and culture.

This essential book is at the intersection of cultural studies, political economics, history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and social geography.