Israeli City or City in Israel? Questions of Identity, Meanings and Power

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Israeli City or City in Israel? Questions of Identity, Meanings and Power
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Edited by 
Tovi Fenster
Haim Yacobi
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
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What is an Israeli city and how can one define its “Israeliness”? What are the ideological influences and what are the political, cultural, economic, and social forces—both institutional and local-communal—that contribute to the shaping of the urban space in Israel? What is the role and the influence of civic-urban identity in Israel on shaping the built space? These are but some of the questions that this innovative book addresses. Israeli City or City in Israel? addresses questions of identity, meaning, and power relations and offers Israeli readers a selection of papers representing a variety of disciplines, such as urban planning, geography, architecture, anthropology, and sociology, which examine urban life and the processes that create the built space in many places in Israel, for example, Ofakim, Jerusalem, Lod, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Fureidis, and Haifa. In an innovative manner, the authors demonstrate the complexity of the processes by which the urban space in Israel develops, by showing a variety of perspectives for examining the “Israeliness” of a place, both in theoretical terms and in relation to their meaning in everyday life.