Arab Feminism

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Years of Activity: 2012

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Effi Aharon, Salwa Alenat, Ikhlas al-Qalaq, Hila Amit, Janan Faraj Falah, Dr. Alon Fragman, Dr. Zehava Ganor, Liora Gov Ari, Dr. Gal Harmat, Adi Katz, Dr. Liat Kozma, Dr. Maram Masarwa, Netanela Melamed, Tal Meller, Menahem Merhavi, Dr. Hila Peled, Dr. Ariel M. Sheetrit, Dr. Sharon Shitrit Sasson, Dr. Inbal Tal, Dr. Mary Totry

One of the neglected areas in the study of Arabic literature is the writing of women, especially feminist writing. This research group focuses on the feminist discourse in the Arab space by analyzing selected philosophical texts of male and female Arab philosophers from the nineteenth century to the present that deal with key ideas in Arab feminist thought. The group is made up mainly of scholars of Arabic literature and culture. The members are trying to understand the changes that have taken place in the Arab feminist discourse over time, while discussing the social, cultural, and ideological background of feminist activity. The group is also addressing such questions as the relationship between modernism and feminism, the role of women in times of anticolonial struggle, and the views of Muslim philosophers on women and women’s status. Additional related issues being discussed include the deliberations and difficulties involved in feminist activity in the Arab world. Group members are analyzing prominent texts in the feminist discourse, including their unique terminology, their theoretical and ideological foundations, and their key arguments. The participants are considering concluding the year by preparing a reader containing translated and original philosophical texts.

For the final report see the attached file.