Research groups

Active Research Groups

The Humanities, Jewish Studies, and Theories of Law: An Interdisciplinary View
From a Sociology of Suspicion to a Sociology of Meaning – About Living Together within the Boundaries of Liberal Thought and Beyond
The Ethical Life of the Object
Research Lab: Contemporary Feminist Political Subjectivity
Program for Developing Models of Collaborative Governance in Local Authorities
Mathematics, Mysticism, and Secularization
New Religious Movements in Israel - the MEIDA Center
A Story Rewritten: Ethiopians Jews Rewriting Their Story
Steering Committee for the Creation of a Policy Document Regarding the Conservation and Presentation of Jerusalem’s Antiquities
Maktoob: The Forum of Arabic–Hebrew Translators
Creating an Alternative Curriculum for Learning Arabic in Jewish Schools
Promoting Democratic and Liberal Values among Youngsters in Jerusalem: A Joint Project with the Museum for Islamic Art and the Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace
Mizrahi Perspectives, Jewish Perspectives
Arabic Narratives of Migration and Journey
Planning and Construction in East Jerusalem
Trends in Research on Academe in Israel: A Multidisciplinary Discussion
German-Israeli Research Cooperation in the Humanities (1970-2000): Studies on Scholarship and Bilaterality
Comprehensive Planning of the Israeli Education System: Is it Necessary? If so, is it Possible, and How can it be Carried Out so as to Achieve its Goals?
Differential Budgeting of Education to Compensate for Socio-Economic Disadvantage
The Druze in Israel: Affiliation, Identity, and Future Challenges


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