Gender Gap in Voting Patterns

gender gap   |   voting   |   politics   |   gender   |   representation   |   feminism
Years of Activity: 2012 - 2014

Research Status:

Not Active

Prof. Naomi Chazan, Einat Gedalya, Prof. Galia Golan, Liran Harsegor, Prof. Hanna Herzog, Reut Itzkovitz-Malka, Dr. Einat Lachover, Odelia Osheri, Prof. Michael Shalev

In the elections for the 18th Knesset, a gender gap in voting patterns was discovered for the first time in Israeli elections. This gap had been studied thoroughly in other countries, but not in Israel. This research group focuses on different aspects of the gender gap and on the implications of this gap for women’s becoming an influential electoral power. Among the aspects emphasized are the gender gap in voting, attitudes, and parliamentary representation. These issues are discussed comparatively, over time and in various countries.

Each meeting is devoted to a particular aspect of the gender gap – for example, its sources, its characteristics, and its theoretical and practical implications. The research group is heterogeneous and brings together scholars from the disciplines of political science, sociology and anthropology, political psychology, international relations, comparative politics, the politics of inequality, conflict resolution, and communications and gender.