The Growth and Consolidation of the Arab Middle Class in Israel

Middle class   |   Arab society   |   development   |   growth   |   economy   |   education
Years of Activity: 2011 - 2019

Research Status:


Fahima Abbas, Dr. Nohad Ali, Dr. Aas Atrash, Dr. Uri Cohen, Dr. Miri Gal-Ezer, Prof. Aziz Haidar, Afnan Haj-Ali, Irit Harbon, Ranin Qassim, Dr. Nissim Leon, Dr. Merav Mack, Dr. Asmahan Masry Herzalla

In 2010, Prof. Aziz Haidar began studying the growth and consolidation of the Arab middle class in Israel. He examined the development of the Palestinian middle class before the establishment of the state, its economic and intellectual development, and the changes in the value system of Arab society in Israel, and he also analyzed data from Arab Society in Israel (1) and Arab Society in Israel (3) that reflect the size and composition of the Arab middle class, as compared with the non-Arab middle class in Israel.

This group is continuing the research on this topic, dealing with a range of aspects related to the growth of the Arab middle class in Israel: the culture of consumerism, housing, employment, types of entertainment, gender relations, and the place of religion. The group will expand the research and will propose additional perspectives for the examination of the nature of this class, and its economic, social, and cultural aspects. The group will also offer a comparative perspective of other sectors in the society in which a new middle class has emerged.