Challenges of Teaching the Bible in State Schools

Years of Activity: 2011 - 2019

Research Status:

Not Active

Yaira Amit, Batya Barlev, Ruti Danino, Yonina Dor, Gail Dorf, Tammy Ezer, Ruti Fisher-Bah, Anat Gasul-Ravid, Tzafrir Goldberg, Eli Gotlieb, Roni Magidov, Danny Marom, Noya Sagiv, Tamar Shiloh, Iris Yaniv, Oren Yehi Shalom, Aviya Zamran

In conjunction with the Center for Jewish Education at Haifa University
Despite the great importance of Bible teaching in shaping the Jewish identity of non-Orthodox youngsters in Israel, studies of Bible teaching in State schools show that it is undergoing a severe crisis, primarily in the secondary schools. This is manifested in the pupils’ attitude toward studying Bible and their lack of knowledge. It is manifested also in the reduction in the number of teaching hours allocated to Bible, the decrease in the number of Bible students in the universities and in the number of students who are preparing to teach Bible, and a general decline in the status of the Bible in Israel. This research group proposed practical ways to contend with the challenges of teaching Bible in State secondary schools. These proposed methods include formulating recommendations for the teaching of Bible in State schools, developing a research program on the pedagogy of Bible teaching in Israel, providing current data to support the recommendations or, alternatively, to change them as they are being implemented.
The group included top scholars of Bible and Bible teaching and leading Bible teachers.