Discourse between Worlds

Years of Activity: 1988 - 2003

Research Status:

Not Active


The State of Israel was defined by law as a Jewish and democratic state, but this shared framework for different sectors in Israeli society is not acceptable to all and is far from being self-evident. As various sectors, such as the ultra-Orthodox sector, increase in numbers and political strength, tensions are rising and there is a heightened sense of social imbalance and of a threat to the stability of the shared framework.
As part of this project (which was active in 1988–2003), there was a dialogue that included rabbis and intellectuals from the ultra-Orthodox sector, academics, and secular and Zionist-Religious intellectuals. The group explored ways to achieve a shared life as part of a democratic state, while also reducing the tension between sectors and increasing the recognition of the value of comradeship.
The project took place in conjunction with The Harav Lord Jakobovits Torah Institute of Contemporary Issues (JICI), directed by Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits.