Dr. Adam Klin-Oron

Adam Klin-Oron
Projects manager, Advanced Studies
Fields of Practice: 
Coordinating research groups in the Advanced Studies cluster, international cooperation, organizing conferences and seminars
Sociology and anthropology of religion, New Age, gender, middle class, neoliberalism, conversion, channeling

Adam Klin-Oron is an anthropologist of religion who has studied the leisure habits of Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews and spirit channeling among New Age adherents in Israel. His research has been presented at conferences around the world and published in Israeli Sociology, the Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, and Paradise Traditions in Israel and Abroad (ed. Rachel Elior). He has won many fellowships and prizes (the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, Ginzberg, Shaine, and others) and has been the editor of the student journal Pickpook.

Publications in the Institute