Dr. Adi Sapir

Dr. Adi Sapir
Co-head of research group titled "Trends in Research on Academe in Israel: A Multidisciplinary Discussion"
Fields of Practice: 
higher education, science technology and society, organizational history
Dr. Adi Sapir is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the Hebrew University. She earned her higher academic degrees at Tel Aviv University: MA in history (1999), MSc in organizational behavior (2007), and PhD in organizational behavior (2014). Her dissertation provides an institutional and historical analysis of the institutionalization of the commercialization of academic research in Israeli universities. Her research interests include the sociology and history of higher education; science, technology, and society; and management and organizational history. At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute she heads the research group titled Trends in Research on Academe in Israel: A Multidisciplinary Discussion.