Dr. Anastasia Keshman Wasserman

Dr. Anastasia Keshman Wasserman
Fields of Practice: 
Medieval art history, cult of saints and relics, modern Christian art of the Holy Land
Learning about the world’s past and present by observation: traveling, visiting museums, and photography
Dr. Anastasia Keshman Wasserman was born in Moscow. She received her BA, MA, and PhD from the Art History department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The PhD thesis entitled “The Origins of Anthropomorphic Reliquaries” was supervised by Prof. Bianca Kühnel. Her postdoctoral studies were conducted at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, supervised by Prof. Gerhard Wolf. Her first book, In Gold, Stones, and Letters – St. Stephen’s Arm-Reliquary and the Invention of the History of Besançon: A Critical Edition of the Book on "The Advent of the Relics and the Miracles of St. Stephen, which deals with the cult of St. Stephen in 11th-century Besançon (France), will be published in 2017. In recent years her research horizons also include modern Christian visual culture of the Holy Land, a field of study that so far has not gained appropriate academic recognition.