Prof. Michal Beller

 Michal Beller
Co-director, "Measurement and Evaluation in the Service of Learning" research group
Michal Beller is the founder the National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education, which she headed as its general director for eight years.
She has a doctorate (summa cum laude, 1983) in psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her main area of expertise is educational measurement and evaluation.
During the four years before she became the head of the national authority, she served as the senior research director of the research and development department of the largest testing institute in the world, the Educational Testing Service (ETS), in Princeton, New Jersey.
Prior to that, she was an associate professor in the Department of Education and Psychology at the Open University, where she founded and directed the Shoham Center, which deals with integrating technology in learning. During the eight years before that she headed the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (founded by the universities in Israel).
Prof. Beller has published many articles on educational measurement and evaluation, including articles dealing with the study of gender differences in academic achievement. She has represented Israel in many international conferences and is a member of professional steering committees in Israel and abroad.
At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute she is a co-director of the research group Measurement and Evaluation in the Service of Learning.