Prof. Michel Strawczynski

Michel Strawczynski
Senior Research Fellow; Head of Economics and Society Program

As of October 2012, Prof. Michel Strawczynski heads the Economics and Society Program at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Strawczynski comes to this position with extensive experience both in academia and the world of applied economic policy in Israel. For ten years he served as deputy head of the Research Division at the Bank of Israel, where he was actively involved in oversight of projects to provide economic advice to the government. In this role he served on various committees, including that on taxation reform in the 1990s, on the registration of start-up companies in the national accounts, and on the recording of State guarantees in the State Budget, and represented the Bank of Israel in the deliberations about the national budget. Strawczynski led the economic team as part of Israel's admission to the OECD. He currently directs the interministry research group on the Earned Income Tax Credit Program in Israel and the steering committee appointed by the National Statistics Council to oversee the project for monthly national accounting in Israel. He is also the co-editor of the Israel Economic Review. 

In 2012, Strawczynski joined the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as an adjunct associate professor, in a joint appointment of the Economics Department and the Federman School of Public Policy. In this capacity he serves as academic director of the program for civil service cadets. 
His research focuses on taxation and transfer payments, government fiscal policy, and the Israeli economy. 
Strawczynski holds a doctorate from the Hebrew University and performed postdoctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.
Selected Publications:
  • M. Strawczynski, "Persistent Growth and Macro-economic Policy in Israel" (Hebrew), Bank of Israel Survey 80 (2007): 73-103
  • M. Strawczynski and Y. Zeira, "Cyclicality of Fiscal Policy in Israel," Israel Economic Review 5(1) (2007): 47-66
  • A. Brender and M. Strawczynski, "Earned Income Tax Credit in Israel: Designing the System to Reflect the Characteristics of Labor Supply and Poverty," Israel Economic Review 4(1) (2006): 27-58
  • Z. Hercowitz and M. Strawczynski, "Cyclical Ratcheting in Government Spending: Evidence from the OECD," Review of Economics and Statistics 86(1) (2004): 353-361
  • M. Dahan and M. Strawczynski, "Optimal Taxation: An Example with a U-shaped Pattern of Optimal Marginal Tax Rates: Comment," American Economic Review 90 (2000): 681-686
  • M. Strawczynski, "Social Insurance and the Optimal Piecewise Linear Income Tax," Journal of Public Economics 69 (1998): 371-388
  • M. Strawczynski, "Income Uncertainty and Ricardian Equivalence," American Economic Review 8(4) (1995): 964-967

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