Nachum Blass

Nachum Blass
Director of the “Comprehensive Planning of the Israeli Education System” research group
Fields of Practice: 
Educational economics

Nachum Blass has an M.A. in economics and history. He has held various positions in the Education Ministry, including assistant to the director general, project coordinator for “Planning Education for the 1980s,” coordinator of the Office of the Chief Scientist, head of the social planning unit in the Development Branch, and head of the Institute for the Development of  Educational facilities. After that he worked as a researcher and consultant on various issues related to education – chiefly educational economics, the Education Ministry budget, educational disparities, and teacher evaluation. He also held managerial and consulting positions related to the absorption of immigrants from the former Soviet Union and budgeting criteria for populations from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background. Blass was a member of the Harari Committee on technological education and of the Shoshani Committee, which devised a new budgeting method for elementary education. He also served as coordinator of the resources and personnel teams of the Dovrat Committee. He has published dozens of papers on education, in Hebrew and English. Today Blass is a senior researcher at the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel and a senior lecturer at the College for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda.

At the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, he heads the research group on Comprehensive Planning of the Israeli Education System.