Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Rivka Feldhay
Senior Research Fellow
Fields of Practice: 
History and philosophy of sciences, intellectual history, culture studies

Rivka Feldhay is Professor of History of Science and Ideas at Tel-Aviv University. She has been a fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center (1987/8), The Institute for Advanced Studies in Berlin (1988/9), The International Research Center for Cultural Studies in Vienna (1994), The Dibner Institute at MIT (1995), The Max Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin (1997) and The Collegium Helveticum of ETH Zurich (2001). During the years 1994-1998 she directed a research project on "Europe in the Middle East: Political Key Concepts in the Dialogue of Cultures" at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, in cooperation with The Institute for Advanced Studies in Berlin.

In 1997-2003 Professor Feldhay was the head of The Cohn Institute for History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University. She is currently the director of the Bar Hillel Colloquium series, a cooperation of The Cohn Institute, the Program for History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science at the Hebrew University and The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. At the Van Leer Institute she has also directed the research group on Russians in Israel. She later headed a research project on Knowledge and Identity, together with Dr. Julia Lerner. For many years she has been a member of the board of advisors of The Max Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin, and a member of the advising committee of The Humanities Center at the Central European University in Budapest. She is a member of the academic committee of the Open University in Israel.

Professor Feldhay has published widely in the fields of history and philosophy of science, intellectual history and cultural studies.

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