Dr. Ronit Kampf

Dr. Ronit Kampf
Fields of Practice: 
Political communication; learning from computer simulation games of disputes; screen culture

Dr. Ronit Kampf lectures in the Department of Communication and in the Program in Research of Child and Youth Culture at Tel Aviv University, studying learning from computerized simulations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

She received her PhD in Political Communication from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She conducted her postdoctoral studies at the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford University. Her research interests focus on computerized simulations and learning, particularly in the context of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Her studies have been conducted in cross-national contexts including Israel, Palestine, Turkey, the USA, Guatemala, and Brazil. She is a member of the Games for Peace Initiative. She has published articles and papers in some of the main platforms in the field of technology and learning, such as the periodicals Information, Communication and Society, International Studies Perspectives, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, and Computers in Human Behavior, as well as chapters in edited books. A comprehensive book of her work is forthcoming by Yale University Press. She teaches courses on the screen culture of youngsters, and conducts workshops in which students develop a personal project of digital technology in commercial organizations engaged in this field.