Dr. Sarah Ozacky-Lazar

Sarah Ozacky-Lazar
Research Fellow
Fields of Practice: 
Middle Eastern History, Arabs in Israel, Palestinians in the occupied territories, peace education, Jewish combat during the Holocaust, cross-border environment, regional sustainability

Dr. Sarah Ozacky-Lazar received her MA and PhD from the Department of Middle Eastern History at Haifa University, and her BA from the Departments of Arabic Language and Literature and History of the Islamic Countries at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has been engaged in research and instruction in various academic institutions, focusing on the Arab minority in Israel and its relations with the state.

For almost two decades Dr. Ozacky-Lazar was a lecturer and researcher at The Jewish-Arab Center for Peace at Givat Haviva, and served as its co-director from 1998-2005. During her tenure the Center received the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education (2001). Ozacky-Lazar published numerous studies and articles on the Arab population in Israel and its relations with the state.

Following an international conference held in 2012 at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, she edited (with others) a book entitled Landscape Architecture and Environmental Policy, published in 2013 by Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany.

A book she edited with Jousef Jabareen, entitled Conditional Citizenship: On Citizenship, Equality and Offensive Legislation, was published by Pardes Publishing House and the Jewish-Arab Center, University of Haifa in 2016. This book is the fruit of a discussion group which was active at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in 2013-2015.

Her book (with Yoav Stern) entitled Locals: Conversations with Arab Citizens in Israel was published in 2016 by the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research at Tel Aviv University.

At The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute she ran the joint Israeli-Palestinian Environment and Regional Sustainability Forum in 2008-2012, and currently she (together with the Council of Higher Education) runs the Forum for the Promotion of the Arab Society in the Academia and edits The Van Leer Platform: An Electronic Magazine on Palestinian-Israeli Relations in Israel.

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