The Arab Population in the Hebrew Press: Communications and Sociopolitical Delegitimation

האוכלוסייה הערבית בעיתונות העברית: תקשורת ודה-לגיטמציה סוציו-פוליטית
Issam Abu-Ria
Eli Avraham
Gadi Wolfsfeld
Year of Publication: 


This position paper is based on a study of how the Hebrew press covers the Arab population. The study revealed that the coverage was riddled with negative stereotypes of Arabs. It also found that the scope of the coverage of Arabs was limited and that it focused mainly on two topics: security and crime. Most of the protest activity of Arab citizens was categorized as security-related and subversive, rather than as expressing civil demands. Thus the coverage contributed to the delegitimation of the claims and demands of the Arabs for civil and national equality in Israel. The limited press coverage of Arab localities on the periphery also contributed to fixing their status on the margins of Israeli society. The obvious conclusion is that direct contact between editors in the Hebrew media and the local and national leadership of the Arab population should be encouraged and heightened.

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