Gender and Capitalism: Feminist Encounters with Market Culture

capitalism   |   gender   |   feminism   |   citizenship   |   body   |   Family   |   representation
Gender and Capitalism: Feminist Encounters with Market Culture
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Dana Olmert
Orna Coussin
Yofi Tirosh
Van Leer Institute Press and Hakibbutz Hameuchad
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The anthology consists of twenty-seven contributions (including a translation of Nancy Fraser's 2009 article: "Feminism, Capitalism and the Cunning of History") in various genres – academic papers, personal essays, poetry, and visual art. All texts explore questions related to the complex ties between gender and capitalism today, arranged in four themes: citizenship, the body, the family, and cultural representations.

Most writers address current Israeli society and culture; a few give a historical perspective or address universal questions regarding the intersections of gender and capitalism, especially the challenges and opportunities women face under the current economic regime and contemporary consumer culture.